My name is Monika Johnson, and I am a Relational Somatic Psychotherapist. That means that I help people resolve relational challenges by practicing authentic compassionate relationship with them. • Maybe you are someone who is suffering from anxiety or depression, or a relationship that is not working, or that is causing you suffering. • Or you are carrying the burden of unresolved trauma that is causing you to go through life with less joy and love than you know you are capable of.

    These are problems that can be resolved. Old trauma as well as more recent trauma can be healed through a combination of courage, compassion, and curiosity in the context of an authentic, careful relationship where two or more people meet as equals, and experiment with allowing whatever wants to arise to arise and be expressed—feelings, impulses, utterances, thoughts, fantasies, images, gestures.

A Typical Session

A typical session might begin with a moment’s reflection about how your body feels in the present moment. Most of us spend our adult lives suppressing how we actually feel in the moment. All of us have been taught to get by trying to feel less. As a result we end up losing our sense of how we actually feel, and what we actually want, moment to moment. We also lose a sense of what gives us both satisfaction and discomfort. Our work together is about taking the time to notice what messages our body is telling us. With this growing awareness of how you are actually feeling in the moment, and what you are experiencing moment to moment, you can learn to make new choices about the life you are living now, so that you can create the life you want to be living.

My Training

My particular advanced training focuses on Robert Hilton’s work in Relational Somatic Psychotherapy (RSP), and Michael Sieck’s Threefold Way (, which adds to body-centered psychotherapy a relational and spiritual dimension of inquiring into why we are here living our lives.

My sessions are generally 50 minutes, and my fee is $150. I will be happy to offer a free phone consultation if you would like to ask further questions, or get a better sense of my work.

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Relational Somatic Psychotherapy

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